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Camera: Nikon D3s
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Exif It’s a Love Story baby just say yes! :) taylorswift loved the remix!

It’s a Love Story baby just say yes! :) taylorswift loved the remix!

Camera: Nikon D4s
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Focal Length: 200mm
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Flawless, Epic, Beautiful, Slammin’

Toned, perfect, hot, sexy!


Flawless, Epic, Beautiful, Slammin’

Toned, perfect, hot, sexy!



Mama Swift was telling a group of us fans how happy Taylor was about learning how to use tumblr and that she will randomly burst into laughter when she’s on her phone and she could tell she was reading a post from tumblr.

+ Merch fans got from the 1989 Secret Listening Party via @swiftsass

Merch fans got from the 1989 Secret Listening Party via @swiftsass

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Posted 14 hours ago by jencita.
9/20/14 (x)

9/20/14 (x)

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The day I went to Taylor Swift’s house.



Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

I’m still trying to process everything at this moment and I still can’t believe that all of that actually happened. First I want to say thank you to Taylor and her team for making this possible for all of us. We are forever grateful! Second, I’ve never met Taylor before until today and she’s everything I expected and more. To be in her presence is hard to comprehend and I have no idea how I was able to keep it together.

We were expected to meet with Taylornation at a certain time and when I got there, many other fans were there and I could not wait to meet them. None of us had any idea whatsoever what was going to happen. All that we saw were two large busses and a white tent. There were a few women talking to one another while a man stood nearby as well. Soon we were all given instructions and told that we should use the bathroom or else we won’t have the chance to later. At this point, everyone is trying to figure out what was going on. Was it another music video? Were we going to watch an interview? Was she going to make a big announcement? No one knew. We all came up with our own conclusion why we were there, but weren’t told what was going on.

Our next instructions were simple; Stand in line, check our things in, and get on the bus. Security was super tight and we knew that whatever was going on would be important. After an hour or so after we all checked on, we were moving.

We all made friends with one another, talking about how long we’ve been fans, how amazing Taylor was during the iheartradio show, etc. The next thing we knew, we were heading down a road that some people were familiar with. It was a road that led to many private home/mansions. That’s when we decided that we had to be going to Taylor’s house. Now saying we were freaking out was an understatement. When we pulled up to a gate where a very nice man greeted us we were all freaking out. After going through some (more) security, what we were saying/hoping was true. We were at freaking Taylor Swift’s house!!!!! (!!!!!!)

We were led to the backyard and let me just say Taylor’s house is what you would expect. It’s BEAUTIFUL. and it smells nice all around. There’s a couple benches, tables, chairs all around her backyard. There’s this super cool and vintage bike that sits on the side. There’s also this fireplace with a old vintage picture above it. When we got to the backyard, there were many other people there including Taylor’s publicist, Tree. There were food displayed on the table for us to grab if we were hungry, and of course the beverage choices were smart water, diet coke, and a few other assortments. There were cookies and brownies as well as a bunch of veggies and fruits. We were all too excited to eat, but we all ate anyways as they went out of their way to make sure we had the best. As we were sitting in Taylor’s backyard, we all were freaking out and saying how we couldn’t believe we were there.

About twenty minutes later, they asked us to go inside into the living room. And let me tell you guys. Her living room not only looked amazing but it smelled amazing too. Even before we walked inside you could smell it from outside. There were pillows all over the ground, a few couches on the outer part of the living room. On the wall was a large flat screen TV and next to it? Oh just her Grammy for Mean. There was a bookshelf on a wall as well with a few other things including her AMA awards. It was hard to remember every single thing in her living room, but it was beautiful. We were all asked to take a seat anywhere we could and just as we were taking in the site of everything in her living room…BAM! Taylor freaking Swift, the queen, is in our presence. She shows up in her doorway looking beautiful and flawless as ever, holding Olivia!

Now when you just pop out like that without a warning, we are going to scream. So when she popped out, we screamed and scared Olivia! Hahah. It was adorable. Taylor hands Olivia to someone and we see that it’s her parents! The whole gang was there and we knew they were just as excited as we were.

Taylor hadn’t told us what was going on yet (still). But she sits down on a chair and (of course) introduces herself to everyone. She was being as adorable as ever and then she hit us with the news that none of us expected.

We were going to listen to 1989. The entire album. Right there and then.

She had this planned out while she was writing the album. She wanted the fans to hear the album before it came out and they had planned for it to happen. That’s why we were all there. We were chosen to hear the album.

She asked us if it was okay with us. Hahah oh Taylor. Of course! Before she played it, she told us she’ll be playing the album off her iphone. She told us she got a new phone case and of course there were a bunch of cats on it lol. She was so cute. Once again security had to make sure no one was listening so they did something that I couldn’t really listen to because I was so in awe struck of Taylor. She brought up how they were on full paranoia and alert of leaking that they wanted to make sure no one would hear and try to record. Taylor did this playful eye roll to her mom when they were taking forever to check security. It was funny/adorable.

Now all I can say about the album is it was AMAZING. from the beginning to the end, every single song is freaking flawless. I guarantee that at least one song will relate to your life somehow. You guys are going to love it. It’s definitely worth the wait so please go pre-buy it or buy it when it comes out. You can tell Taylor worked her butt off on this album. It’s very different from anything she’s ever done, but people weren’t lying when they said this album was better than the others. Every song Taylor played for us, she gave us a short explanation of the song and then when she would play it on her phone, she would be singing/dancing to every single song. She made us laugh, cry, clap, and cheer the entire time.

OH! Something I know everyone love to know. So those who own an iphone, you know how if you don’t have it on screen lock, when it turns, the screen turns too? Well that happened to Taylor and when she tried to hold it up horizontally but the screen wouldn’t move and she was getting frustrated in an adorable way and even try hitting her phone thinking that would do something LOL!!!! It was cute. She was like “what is wrong with this!!” Or something along those lines.  Taylor is not very good with technology haha.

Halfway, Taylor gave us an 8 minute bathroom break. Though I had to use the bathroom, I was going to go there regardless just to check it out haha. while waiting for the bathroom, we looked at our surrounding and her hallways are filled of pictures of her and friends. A picture I LOVED was a picture of Taylor and Ethel Kennedy holding hands and the picture was taken from behind. It was so cute. There were pictures of her with Selena Gomez, claire and Liz, her brother austin, and a bunch of others.

Taylor’s bathroom was amazing. There was scented candles and soap that made the bathroom smell really good. And guys. Her hand napkins were so fancy. They had her initials on them. There was a stack of napkins and every other one was either had T or S initialed into it. So cool.

During our break, Olivia was being passed around. If you guys think she’s cute in pictures, she is super adorable in person. She’s so soft and fluffy and her tail is so little. She was so precious I wanted to keep her. Lol. She went around to people and Taylor said she’s either “half asleep or asleep” all the time.

After the listening session, Taylor talked to us some more and told us how happy she was to play the album for us. Oh!, she also understands hashtag because she asked us to talk about our experience and use the hashtag #1989secretsession. Her and her mom were going back and forth about hashtags lol before deciding which to use.

Afterwards we were asked to go to the backyard and be put in our groups to take picture. Taylor comes out and she’s holding olivia! They take a group picture and then she decided she wants us to do individuals instead which we were all stoked for. Of course it was on a polaroid camera too so we all got to take one picture home. Taylor had music playing and she would be dancing between each fan with olivia in her hand. after the first two groups, Taylor handed olivia to Scott who took her in because she was tired haha.

When it was my turn to take a picture with her, she hugged me and she called me buddy! I got to hold her Grammy while she held her AMA award. We took two pictures and then we had a short conversation that is sort of blurred at the moment but I remember we high fived about me coming lol. She thanked me for coming and told me to come to a tour show in the future and I promised her I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Then we were escorted to the front of the house where we were given some merch which was amazing.

Seriously it was the best experience of my life and I cannot thank Taylor and her team enough. They made my dreams come true. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. For those who haven’t met her. It will happen. Took me seven years before I had the opportunity. So don’t give up okay? She loves her fans, just remember that and she wants us to be happy.

*Side note: Meredith was nowhere to be seen so we assumed she hated all of us lol.

**Andrea told us that yesterday at the IHR festival, jennifer lawrence and alicia keys came into her dressing room and were praising Taylor. Afterwards Andrea asked her if she was excited about that, but Taylor said no, she was excited for the listening party and being with her fans <3

If anyone wants to ask me anything, feel free, but I cannot say anything about the album so please don’t ask.  I’m probably missing a few details, but there were many others that will probably talk about their experience as well. Also if you read this, you’re amazing.

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Today I met the beautiful beautiful taylorswift!!! She welcomed us into her home and we got to hear 1989 for the first time!!! Not to mention I played with Olivia Swift, touched her Grammy and AMA awards, hung out with the most down to Earth girl, hugged mama swift and papa swift, !!HUGGED TAY!!, and even used her adorable bathroom!! There were pumpkins and candles everywhere and her home felt like home, with a wonderstruck twist! I am so blessed and thank you to my dear friend Rebecca for making this happen! THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

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I might be ok, but I’m not fine at all. 

How is Taylor Swift even real? How many times has she invited DJs and fans over into her personal home, baked for them and played them her music. Like who even does that?! Taylor Swift is an angel and I can’t get over how wonderful she is!

Dies of jealousy because it’s still a whole month before I get to hear 1989.