Photos: Date Night For Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston in LA

OK, but how can you not love these two? Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston always look so adorable and so in love! Granted, that is one reason people choose to not love them… It seems like people just get horribly bitter to see other people happy, especially if it’s someone they aren’t particularly fond of.

However, we don’t mind the young romance blossoming in front of our faces, it’s beautiful and inspiring. It makes you think; ‘That’s what love should look like.’ Sure it’s early and it hasn’t even been a full two months yet, but love takes on a life of it’s own. You can love someone without fully being in love, that might take more time, but for now the art of falling in love looks beautiful.

The pair spent the evening on a romantic dinner date for two (if you don’t count the security nearby). Hiddleston finished a weekend of interviews at Comic Con and they have remained in LA since returning from Australia where he was shooting Thor 3. Shooting will probably begin again soon and it’s unknown at this point if Swift will accompany him again. I don’t imagine she will be hanging around at all of his shoots and since she already went to Australia, she might not go again. Then again, who knows… she is on break with not much on the horizon, so spending more time with her new love might just be in the works!

That’s when you know a relationship can really work, when you spend all your time together and you don’t get sick of each other. You still make each other laugh and smile and want to spend all of your free time together. We’re rooting Hiddleswift on! Check out the photos from their romantic date!


Photos: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston Return To LA

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have returned to LA after being in Australia for the filming of Thor 3. Hiddleston is set to appear at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. They arrived back in LA Thursday, July 21 and each got in a work out Friday July 22. Their dedication to staying healthy and in shape is inspiring!



Abigail Anderson Offers Up A Prayer For North West – Gets Death Threats

Abigail Anderson, aka Taylor Swift‘s bff, took to twitter to show her support over the ongoing feud between Kanye West, Swift and now Kim Kardashian.

Swift has stated that the reason she was upset with the song famous is because of West’s use of the term “that bitch” when referring to her. According to Kim and Kanye, that’s just standard art and it’s totally non offensive, in fact Kanye uses that term towards Kim and she doesn’t mind.


Just because Kim doesn’t mind, doesn’t mean that Taylor has to be okay with it. She isn’t and has stated that from the beginning. Anderson took to twitter to offer up a prayer for North West, the daughter of Kim and Kanye saying:

“Lord, hear my prayers. … I pray God helps your daughter understand, that despite how many times she’ll hear daddy reference all women as ‘bitches,’ she isn’t one. I pray she understands her father actually IS faithful to her mother, despite all the adulterous comments she will hear her father making. I pray that she will understand ‘adultery and bitches’ are just daddy’s form of art and not to worry because not every man thinks like him. Lastly, I pray for forgiveness. May God forgive you & your wife for doing to others the very things you pray are NEVER done to your daughter.”

Anderson later deleted her tweets after receiving death threats and let everyone know she will always stand by Taylor.



Photos: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston in Australia 

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston arrived in Australia a few days ago as Tom is filming Thor 3! It’s wonderful that he invited Taylor along so they could spend time together when he isn’t busy working! It’s also wonderful to see Taylor enjoying her time off!

Check out all the photos of them arriving here!

Our for dinner in Australia

Photo Gallery: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston out for dinner


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