Photos: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston In Italy!

Gosh, could Taylor Swift  and Tom Hiddleston be any more #CoupleGoals? But seriously thought!! They have spent the last couple of days in Rome, Italy doing all kinds of tourist like things! It’s so great because a lot of times when celebs are in other countries for work they don’t always have a lot of time to just see the sights!!

Photos: Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston’s Mom!

Social media is referring to it as their “Tour Of Love” and we couldn’t agree more! First the USA, Then England and now Italy! Where will they go next?

We do know that Hiddleston will be leaving for Australia soon for a new movie! Maybe love will take them both there!

DAY 1 Photos: Included a walk through the Colosseum- the couple even took photos of each other!, Lunch where the two played footsie and Hiddleston kissed her hand!

Day 2 Photos – Include a helicopter ride!!

Video + Photos – Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston’s Family!

Every day, Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston are giving us something to swoon about. A couple of days ago there were photos of Swift meeting Hiddleston’s mom, Diana! Later in the weekend, Swift was able to meet even more of the family, including Hiddleston’s niece who refers to him as “Uncle Yay Monster.”

More photos on another walk along the beach and a video and we are pretty sure we are also head over heels in love! It looks like Swift borrowed a jacket and some rain boots for the cold day. The rest of her ensemble is a familiar look over the years!




Photos: Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston’s Mom!

It’s been a crazy few weeks and we’ve gotten more photos of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, affectionally known as Hiddleswift in that time then the last 15 months with Tavyin.

Swift and Hiddleston flew to England, where Hiddleston’s mom resides and Swift spent time meeting the family! The trio looked so at ease! Read all about it here.



Photos: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston Out To Lunch Being Adorable

Okay, but these two new love birds are so freaking adorable! Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were in Nashville and went on a double date with Holly Williams (Hank Williams‘ daughter). Hiddleston portrays Hank Williams in the movie I Saw The Light.

The two were holding hands, even at the lunch table and Hiddleston put Swift’s hand close to his cheek! AWWW.


But seriously? How adorable are they?

Photos: Taylor Swift In Nashville 

Taylor Swift was in Nashville Thursday to surprise fans at the Taylor Swift Education Center! She heard a particular fan was going to be in Nashville and she wanted the chance to say hi! Swift is frequently on social media interacting with fans so when the opportunity to arose to meet up with one, she took it!

Swift’s Education Center is located inside the Country Music Hall Of Fame and has been a wonderful addition to the building! Take a look at the candid photos, it looks like they could cover a magazine!!

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